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"Musical Genius and Pure Virtuosity"

-MU School of Music

Chris Stephens is an American, self-taught musician, who performs a wide variety of music on his collection of Silk Road Lutes. The family of instruments known as lutes are the historic ancestors of the guitar native to the Silk Road region from the Middle East to the Pacific. His instruments are the Indian Sitar, Arabic Oud, Persian Tar, Chinese Pipa, and Turkish Saz. 

Chris' performances are both an homage to these classical traditions and an exploration in contemporary improvisation. Each concert is different and creates an enchanted musical scenery never to be heard again. Performances can go from melodic and meditative to rhythmic and explosive, creating a rich and unique tapestry of sound that all can enjoy. 

Watch a sample from a concert here:

His main goals are to introduce these diverse art forms to new audiences, to engage familiar listeners by mixing the historic styles of traditional Silk Road music together, and to encapsulate the nuance and complexity of our current global moment by using the magical language of music to bring people together in common appreciation of beauty 

The unique experience Chris provides 
can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. 

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Here are some of the ways Chris shares the music:

Solo Performances
The music is perfectly suited for theaters, 
temples & churches, and other attentive performance spaces. 

These instruments and their music create a special atmosphere that is perfect for music festivals and cultural gatherings. 

University Guest Speaker

Students have an opportunity to see and hear instruments relavent to their world music courses and engage with their specific questions with an educational discussion. 


An up close, hands on, show and tell event discussing historic Eastern instruments and their traditional music. Topics can range from playing techniques, instrument construction, to music theory.

House Concerts

House Concerts are a perfect venue for an up-close 
and immersive listening experience interwoven with interesting conversation and discussion about the instruments and their music.

Interviews & Public Speaking

Chris loves to talk about the music, the instruments,
his experience in learning them, and just about anything! 

Check out his radio show devoted to Silk Road music here 

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